STEAM Projects


Considering variety of STEAM clients in different industries, the company has performed many projects in several regions with complicated environments. Our projects zone has been spread all over the country from north to south and from east to west depends on the client plants.

Construction and pre-commissioning of South Pars 20, 21 onshore Facilities

Construction of Olefin Plant Ilam Petrochemical Complex

EPC1- Phase 12 onshore facilities

26 tanks of Bandar Abbas Gas Refinery

Petrochemical Liquid Jetty No 2

South Pars Gas Field Urea Complex No 2

South Pars Gas Field Development of Phase 6,7,8

Masjed Soleyman Development of Hydro Power

Kharg Island- Methanol Reformer

Arak-Construction of Cooling Tower System

Kharg Island- Construction of Fire Fighting

Ahwaz- Construction of Walking Beam Furnaces