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Construction of Olefin Plant Ilam Petrochemical Complex

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Project code:  040
Contract Award Date: 2008/2014
Project Name:  Construction of Olefin Plant Ilam Petrochemical Complex
Client:  Ilam Petrochemical Company
Ilam Petrochemical Complex is located 26 kilometres northwest of central Ilam province. The 108-hectare complex consists of 2 main processing units, OLEFIN and HDPE, which are supplied from the Ilam gas refinery through three main pipelines each of 9 kilometres in length.
The Ilam Petrochemical Complex annually needs 230,000 tons of Ethane, 250,000 tons of three-carbon and heavier sections, and 300,000 tons of five-carb and heavier sections as feeds, all of which are received by three separate pipelines from the refinery.
The most important goal of Ilam Petrochemical Complex construction is to optimize the use of Ilam gas refinery products and convert them to more value-added petrochemical products.
This project includes the mechanical, civil, piping, erection, and pre-commissioning activities for the Ilam petrochemical plant.
Duration:   34 Month
Location: Ilam