Organizational Resources

Organizational Resources


At STEAM, we established an organizational model that explains the important part of the organizational structure, human expertise, technology usage, and information assets in positioning a company for global competition. Each of these components represents a dominant role during a different phase of company’s lifecycle. As an asset moves from a dominant position to a supporting position, it moves from a differentiating competency to an operational capability.

Organization Structure


STEAM Orgaware describes the capabilities of management and coordination that are derived from its structure and the processes that determine how effective other components operate.


Organizational culture does not grow up spontaneously or maintain itself automatically. It is the matter of attitudes and behaviours that are linked with the capability to be controlled and grown by management. At Steam, we believe in good management practices that are based on the work ethics, honesty and fair dealings. In each phase of company’s maturity to reach a higher grade of standard, we have set a goal and develop strategies to reach our target. Effective leadership at STEAM isn’t only about getting results, it’s about getting results in the right way, and we continue to learn from our clients and partners, develop our business and expertise and maintain our position as one of leading EPC contractor in oil and gas industry.


Mr. A. Hakki

Mr A R Parhizkar

Mr H Ghasemi

Mr F Diaripour

Human Expertise


STEAM’s workforce is well-trained and highly skilled and competent to meet the requirements of our demanding clients. They have the experience of working in hard working conditions. Our human resources strategy focused on continuously improve the skills of our people, maximizing their potential and achieving the highest possible level of performance. The size of our workforce is constantly fluctuating. As an EPC contracting company, STEAM’s total workforce expands as former projects are completed and new rejects start. Generally, we have capability of managing around 2000 persons directly and indirectly in our different projects simultaneously. STEAM size and multi-division structure provide a unique place in which employees can thrive and fulfill their potential.

Tools & Technologies


Techno ware refers to technical capabilities and physical facilities. As the STEAM Company expands, it uses its financial capital to purchase applications that will allow extending the productivity of human resources in order to reach a larger market.

Crane HydraulicCruller 230 ton1
Crane HydraulicCruller 150 ton1
Crane Hydraulic40 ton1
Crane Hydraulic40 ton1
Crane Hydraulic35 ton5
Crane Hydraulic25 ton4
Crane HydraulicUp to 10 ton7
Fork Lift8 ton1
Fork Lift5.5 ton1
Fork Lift3 ton1
Fork Lift7 ton1
Fork Lift12 ton1
Compressor 3001
Compressor 9002
Diesel GeneratorUp to 200 KVA15
Diesel Generator25012
Diesel Generator3502
Diesel Generator4002
Diesel Generator4501
CompactorUp to 5.5 ton24
Excavator 1
Mini Loader4
Milling Machine1
Diesel Motor1
CNC (line)1
Punching Machine1
Axial Bar Saw2
Mixer Machine11
Boom Truck7
Automatic Welding Machine1
Vibrator Machine6
Rectifier and inverter205
Tractor with CraneUp to 14.5 ton10
Warehouse Open 10000 M21
Warehouse Covered5000 M21
Concrete Maker10 ton5
Tanker12 M316
Software NameDescriptionDepartment
Administration DashboardFor correspondenceAll Department
Rayvarz Financial Accounting SystemFor financial accountingFinance Dpt.
Rayvarz Wage And Salary SystemFor Employees SalaryFinance Dpt.
Rayvarz Fixed Asset SystemAsset ManagementFinance Dpt.
Rayvarz Warehouse SystemWarehousingFinance Dpt.
Fingerprint Registration SystemFor Employees present HR Dpt.
Dorsa Engineering SystemFor engineering ServicesEngineering Dpt.
Dorsa Procurement SystemFor PurchasingEngineering Dpt.
Primavera ProfessionalFor project management reportProject Management Dpt.
Autocad For engineering servicesEngineering Dpt.
Navisworks Manage For engineering servicesEngineering Dpt.
Aspen HysysFor engineering servicesEngineering Dpt.
PDMS For engineering servicesEngineering Dpt.
Setia Piping SystemFor engineering servicesEngineering Dpt.

Information Assets


Inforware is the knowledge that is encoded in documents and processes and that are accessible to our organization. Research indicates that historical knowledge/information within the organization create organizational capital that is an essential ingredient for enabling incremental innovation of existing services. This concept is not just a controlled body of knowledge that enters with a new employee or is created through internal activities.
environment that extends far beyond the boundaries of the organization as well as STEAM. It must apply about the market, customers, suppliers, and competitors to determine what its unique place should be.